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2022 Good Food Awards Finalist: Bibamba Artisan Chocolate

2022 Good Food Awards Finalist

Bibamba is thrilled to be selected as a 2022 Good Food Awards Finalist! Our flagship flavor, Jungle Crunch, and coffee-lover favorite Best of Both ...
Patrick and Mara, owners and cofounders of Bibamba chocolate at the Northwest Chocolate Festival

Celebrating Key Milestones

Even the largest, most well-established companies have struggled with sales and operations challenges brought on by the pandemic. For a small Denv...
Trinitario Cacao - why we grow it on our family cacao farm in Cameroon.

The Different Types of Cacao Beans

Did you know that there are about 20 different species in the Theobroma family? The three dominant varieties you may have heard of are Criollo, For...
Earth Day - Climate Change and Chocolate

Climate Change and Chocolate: How Modern Science Can Make Cacao Farms More Sustainable

Climate change is expected to cause a significant shortage of chocolate products in the coming decades. Rising temperatures, drought, and deforesta...
Cacao nibs into the Melanger

4 Scary Truths About Chocolate

What goes into making that chocolate you love? You’ve probably considered the importance of buying organic fruits and vegetables, but do you know t...

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