Sweet & Salty - 2.5 oz.

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Margaret J Cannon


Thank you, Margaret!


Best chocolate place ever

Thank you so much!

Shannon Welborn

This chocolate is amazing! We sold 2 bags within minutes of putting it on the shelf!

Wonderful to hear, Shannon!

Scratches the Sweet N’ Salty Itch

This is by far my favorite sweet and salty snack. Other chocolates that have the salty aspect, barely have any salt or only enough to get a glimpse of the salt in the chocolate. Bibamba though has nailed the combo. I love salty snacks, and this chocolate really highlights the crunchy almonds and salty flavor that I love combined with the smooth chocolate! I Highly highly recommend the Sweet & Salty if you aren’t afraid of a big salty flavor matched with delicious chocolate!

Thank you, Sean, for the great review! We're happy it pleases you.

Ashley M
The perfect sweet and salty treat!

I tried this chocolate in the shop and I knew I had to buy some right away. It was amazing. I find that this flavor truly is the perfect blend of sweet and salty. This would also be a perfect gift for chocolate-loving friend.
On a side note, one of the store owners was there when I stopped by. He was extremely friendly and willing to share his story about their business, and teach me a little bit about chocolate in Africa.

Made with

Simple & clean Ingredients

We bought our own

Cacao farm

When we purchased our farm in Cameroon, our goal was to end child and slave labor, a common practice in the chocolate industry.


Single-origin implies direct interaction with farmers and more care for the cacao crops.  The chocolate maker is thus invested in ethical sourcing of ingredients and this higher quality costs more to produce.

SIngle-origin means that all of the cacao beans used to make the chocolate come from one place rather than a blend of beans from different regions.  This translates to more nuanced flavors and appreciation for the farming and processing of the cacao beans.  

The chocolate is securely packaged and shipped in cardboard boxes.  Ice packs are included in the warmer months.

Bibamba ships within the continental US, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants and typically has less sugar than milk chocolate. It can boost serotonin levels which can improve one's mood.