Palms & Paradise - Dark Chocolate Bark with Coconut Crisps

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A tropical paradise! Crispy coconut shreds combined with our smooth single-origin chocolate. Taste the hints of Madagascar vanilla beans as the chocolate made with our Trinitario Cacao melts in your mouth. Coconut sourced from a locally woman-owned and operated farm in Cameroon. There's a reason it's a best-seller. Try it for yourself and see why customers love our crunchy Coconut Crisp. It's absolutely delicious! 

Tasting notes

Red dried fruits, dried banana, sweet jammy flavor meets sweetened crispy coconut shreds.

Single Origin

Bibamba chocolate is made with Trinitario cacao beans that are grown on our family farm in Cameroon, West-Central Africa. Our 2021 harvest has arrived with powerful earthy and fruity notes the create the perfect chocolate lovers' dream. Cameroon's soil and climate in the jungle are the perfect combinations to create the boldness in our beans. Since Bibamba is "Seed to Chocolate" we control the fermentation, drying, and roasting process to ensure the highest quality product at all stages. 

The coconut shreds are sourced from a woman-owned and operated coconut farm in Cameroon. This flavor gives the perfect level of crunch without having the overpowering flavor of coconut.

Ingredients, Size & Allergens

Cacao beans, Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Coconut Shreds

*Bibamba Dark Chocolate is not made with gluten, dairy, or nuts. However, we produce the chocolate in a commercial kitchen so there is a slim possibility of cross-contamination despite all our protective efforts.

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