Chocolate that works for everybody.

From when we planted our cacao farm in 2015 to today, BIBAMBA has valued sustainable practices, education, and transparency every step of the way. By ethically and sustainably growing our cacao, mindfully sourcing high-quality ingredients from local Coloradan suppliers, and working to raise the standards of the chocolate industry with fair wages and no child labor used, we are contributing to a better world. 

"LOVE this chocolate! I found Bibamba at a farmers market in Denver and have fallen in love ever since."
"I love this chocolate! I'm pairing the coconut crisp with red wine and giving it as gifts!"
"WOW! Opened a package up and shared with the family. Wow, was the word that circulated the room over and over again. High quality artisan chocolates, made with love and a clean ingredient list. You can tell you are eating something very special. Look forward to sharing/telling everyone about this!"
"It got to my sister in law really quickly and she loves it! She keeps telling me how good it is. Definitely made her birthday!"