Chocolate Cocktail Recipes

Chocolate Cocktail Recipes

Make your New Year's extra special with these delicious chocolate cocktail recipes. They pair perfectly with Bibamba Artisan Chocolate and are a gr...
Best Rich Homemade Brownies

Best Rich Homemade Brownies

The BEST brownie recipe! Add Bibamba's Ground Roasted Coffee bark to your recipe to taste the rich chocolate flavor.  Recipe by Stori Pardee Ingred...
Mole Recipe with Bibamba Dark Chocolate

Mole with Bibamba Dark Chocolate Bark

Mole with Bibamba Dark Chocolate Bark ~ with Coconut Crisps Recipe by Katrina Brink Yields: 3 to 3 ½ cups sauce Ingredients: 1 Tablespoon raw or t...
How to make hot chocolate

How to make Bibamba Hot Chocolate

Do you know the difference between hot chocolate and hot cocoa? Hot cocoa is made with cocoa powder, whereas hot chocolate is made with actual choc...

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