How to Make White Wine out of Cacao Fruit in 7 Steps

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How to Make White Wine out of Cacao Fruit in 7 Steps


How to Make White Wine out of Cacao Fruit in 7 Steps


How to Make White Wine out of Cacao Fruit in 7 Steps

If one day you happen to have 5 ripe cacao pods in your possession to, let’s say, make some chocolate, know that during that process you will concoct one of the most delicious white wines you ever taste. 

1. Get your fresh ripe cacao pods and break them open. You will see the bean with a moist white pulp on it.

2. Scoop the beans and juicy pulp out of the pods and place them evenly in a plastic sieved bowl. You are allowed to pick up a bean or two to eat, but only the white flesh, to discover very sweet and delicious treat. Trust us, it will be one of the most delicious foods you have ever had.

Cacao beans with pulp

 3. Before the bowl is empty, cover it with a top. At the farm, typical tops will be banana leaves or branches.

 Fermentation of cacao beans

4. Put the plastic sieved bowl on top of a clean utensil. We recommend a glass container so that you can see through.

5. Let the fermentation occur. The pulp will transform into alcohol and seep out of the sieved bowl to the glass container at the bottom. This Fermentation process itself might last one to eight days maximum, depending on the quantity of your cacao.

 Fermentation of cacao bean into white wine6. Turn and stir the beans four to five times a day during the fermentation process to allow optimal oxygen contact with the beans. For complete fermentation, look for the bean to change color. The liquid at the bottom could be recovered as soon as the volume in the glass bowl stops increasing; that will happen before the end of the bean fermentation process.

cocoa beans

 7. The recovered alcoholic beverage should be filtered with a clean cloth and left for a couple hours of fermentation. Please taste your white wine and let us know what you think!

wine made from cocoa beans


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By Tamara Tcheunou

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